Our Story

In 1980, we started our journey by manufacturing high-end leather jackets for several brands you may know. These brands are selling outerwear at uneconomical high prices hence we realized that it is exceedingly difficult for people to buy a high quality luxurious leather jacket. Why should you buy a high priced outerwear when you can buy at an economical price directly from a manufacturing brand.

These outerwear are overpriced due to long supply chain of distributors, wholesalers and retailers. Getting products directly from the manufacturer's brand would give you the justification of the money you have spent. The cost would go into the product value rather than the unnecessary processes.



Our artists have never received the exposure and the credit for the magic they have put in these luxury outerwear. These outerwear jackets are handcrafted by immensely talented workers  artists. We love to call them artists and they deserve to be called one. We aimed to change this trend, so we started CASA OF K. 


Our story
We promise that you would love the art created by our artists at CASA OF K.