Don't just wear a Jacket, Wear a Story.

Every piece of clothing has a story about how it is being gathered, nourished and finally made. 
Here we are to let you know the story behind every article that we have picked. Our #Wear a Story campaign will give you a lively feeling that keeps you attached to your Jacket just like you feel with your partner. 

 The Embroidered Story

Meet Vaibhavi, a Garment technologist by profession. She is obsessed with nature especially flowers. She loves to be around them. She is a lovely person, always ready to help and most of all ambitious and kind-hearted.

She always keeps pretty flowers on her desk and blooms like them. Hence, we decided to make her a leather jacket that has a glimpse of nature on it to make her feel on top whenever she wears it.

All the artworks and placements are done as per her reference. Black color is a sign of empowerment and elegance, which makes it her favourite color. The best black full-grain leather is used. "Every flower has its quality, different fragrance, color. A flower is loved by all. The beauty of a flower may last for some time but the memory of the person who gifted you will last forever. No one can dislike the beauty of flowers".

She loves modelling and we believe in empowerment of all. Rest you can see how lovely and confident she is looking in this jacket. She decided to offer this great art piece to our consumers and here we are.

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